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2013-2014 Registration Documents for Students
Dear Parent, 

     Thank you for choosing Glenview to provide your child’s education. We are very pleased to have you and your student(s) with us this year. We look forward to having a good working relationship with you and your child. To that end, we are providing this instruction letter along with the required registration documents and other important information. Please read everything thoroughly and return completed paperwork to the school office. If you do not understand something or have questions, please contact us. 
Application for Admission: This form must be filled out completely and signed by both the student and the parent.
Financial Information Form: This form must be filled out completely and signed and dated by the person responsible for paying the student’s school expenses. Please note that tuition is due by the 15th of every month and After Care fees are due upon receipt of your invoice. All tuition and fees must be paid on time or you may be refused services. a late payment fee of $25.00 will be assessed on the 20th of month when tuition payment due is missed.

Consent to Treatment: This form must be filled out completely and signed by the parent IN FRONT OF A NOTARY PUBLIC.
Maricopa County Private School Affidavit of Intent: This form must be filled out completely and signed by the parent IN FRONT OF A NOTARY PUBLIC. 

Consent to Film/Video/Photograph: Formulario disponible en Español: (This form must be filled out completely and signed by the parent acknowledging their consent.

Computer Acceptable Use Policy:  Formulario disponible en Español: This form must be read and signed by both the student and the parent acknowledging their consent.

Field Trips and assembly Parent-Student agreement: We in an effort to help students develop a responsible, Christian character, which will in turn help them become successful in life, we are initiating the following quidelines for elegibility for some extra-curricular school activities. 

Student Tuition Subsidy Request Form: This from must be filled out completely and signed by the parent, and the Pastor and Treasurer of the subsidizing church.
Scholarship Application Form and Income Declaration Form: These forms must be filled out completely and signed by the parent. These forms are required by the Arizona Conference of SDA in order to distribute money that is received through the tax credit program. You must complete and turn this form in even if you do not think anyone is donating money for your child. 
After Care Service Guidelines :and After Care Service Form: Formularios Disponibles en Español, Informacion, Costos y Horario de Programa After Care: Y Completar Forma para recivir servicios de After CarePlease read the After Care Service Guidelines prior to completing the After Care Service Form. This form must be filled out completely and signed by both the student and the parent whether you think you will use the service or not. You never know when it might be necessary to use our After Care Service.
Please also note that we are requiring an e-mail address if you have one. In an effort to cut down on paper costs, we will be sending information via e-mail whenever possible. Such as, monthly tuition statement, weekly or monthly progress report, and eNewsletter. provide one or more legible email addresses to send grades, tuition and school information. 

Home & School Volunteer/Parent Involvement Form: Glenview families are required to participate with 20 volunteer hours (per family). 
This form must be filled out completely and signed by both parents. (Form pending for updates, check back or check with school office)
Student Medical Record/Physician’s Exam: Form must be signed and dated after June 1st 2013 This form must be completed by the student’s doctor at the time of their physical examination before school. 
Acknowledgement of Receipt and Agreement to Abide by Guidelines: Prior to signing this document, you must read the 2013-2014 Tuition and Costs Schedule, the School Handbook, the After Care Service Guidelines, Field Trip & Assembly Agreement Form, the Uniform Guidelinesand Uniform agreement form: These documents are for you to keep to reference whenever needed. Once you have read these documents, this form must be filled out completely and signed by the student and the parents.
School to School Request for Student Records: This form must be filled out completely and signed by the parent for all new students that are coming from another school.
Additional Documents: In addition to the above registration forms and information, new students must also provide a copy of the student’s last report card and test scores, Birth Certificate and a copy of the student’s immunization shot records or exception.
     We will not be chasing people down for incomplete paperwork like we have in the past. It is your responsibility to make sure you have completed all the required paperwork and turned it in to the school office. Incomplete paperwork and/or unpaid registration fees could result in your child’s seat being given to another student and your student being put on our waiting list. 
     Thank you for your cooperation!
Glenview Administration