Community of Operation Plan

Glenview Adventist Academy

The directions given to us by the CDC and the State of AZ asserts that we must make school as safe as possible. If we happen to have a case of COVID-19 at school, it must be reported to the AZ State Health Department. They in turn will come inspect our campus, and if they feel we are lacking in our safety protocols, they will close the campus.

We are asking that you follow all the procedures we put in place. Do not take anything personally, please be aware we are doing what we can to keep all of our Glenview Family safe. 

Please bear with us as we navigate our way through this fluid situation. 

Key Points 

● Student, staff, family, and community are the most important consideration for our response 

● Glenview Adventist Academy operates in harmony with state and local orders from: Governor’s Office, Tribal Nations, Arizona Department of Health Services, and current local health department guidelines. 

● Glenview Adventist Academy will re-evaluate our school’s response to the 2019-2020 school closure and make plans to improve the continuation of teaching and learning in the case of a need for a remote learning environment. 

● Regularly communicate and monitor developments with the local authorities, employees, and families regarding cases, exposures, and updates to policies and procedures. ● Have a parent orientation time before school begins to go over all guidelines and expectations. 

● All expectations will be re-evaluated on a day-to-day basis as changes in the pandemic situation may rapidly and frequently occur; however, a formal review will take place by the AZ Conference of SDA on October 2, 2020. Recommended changes will be referred to the School Reopening Committee and Board of Education and communicated to schools thereafter.


Preventative Measures for Glenview Adventist Academy 

Administration from Glenview Adventist Academy, Thunderbird Christian Elementary, and Thunderbird Adventist Academy will act in harmony when making decisions regarding closures or moves to remote learning because of the number of student families that are in common.



● Faculty and staff: 

○ Each faculty and staff will need to self-screen on a daily basis. If they feel under the weather, are running a temperature, are showing any symptoms of illness, they must stay home until they are better. 

○ If possible exposure to COVID-19 happens 

■ Must self-quarantine for 14 days, or receive Dr’s. note of a negative test if symptoms persist before returning to work. 

● Students: 

○ GAA will follow our procedures for sick students already in place. 

■ Students must remain home if sick 

● Temperature above 100.4 (clear for 72 hours) 

● Vomiting (clear for 24 hours) 

● Showing any symptom of illness (clear for 24 hours) 

○ If student gets sick at school 

■ Student will be isolated 

■ They must be picked up immediately 

■ If showing any symptoms of COVID-19, the parents will be asked if there was a possibility of exposure to anyone the student or family member might have come in contact with. 

● If there is exposure, the child cannot return to school until there is a Dr’s. note stating they are COVID-19 free. 

● If parents do not take child to Dr. then there will be a 14 day quarantine period before the child may to return to school symptom free 

● Remote learning for the student will take place at the administration's discretion. 

● All wellness checks performed at GAA by designated staff will be done in a professional manner. 


Personal Hygiene at School 

● Handwashing 

○ Students will be required to wash their hands according to CDC guidelines on a regular basis, and will be given training in how to do so 

○ Signage will be placed in each restroom with picture explanations of the correct way to wash hands 

○ Each restroom will have touchless soap dispensers and paper towel dispensers ○ Classrooms, gymnasium, and office will have hand sanitizer dispensers

● Face Covering 

○ Students will be required to wear a facemask throughout the day (shields may be worn in addition to but not instead of)

■ Parents are required to provide either a cloth mask (clean one each day) or a face shield for their students. GAA is strongly encouraging face shields to curtail face touching 

■ If students do not have a face mask, GAA will have a supply of paper masks for emergency purposes only 

■ Faculty and staff will be required to wear either facemask or face shields throughout the day (face shields are recommended for lower grade teachers, and will be provided) 

● Drinking Fountains 

○ All drinking fountains will be turned off and covered so they cannot be used

■ Students must bring their own refillable water bottle to school (clean one each day) 

■ Water will be provided in the classrooms as normal, using the water coolers 


Physical Distancing 

Since we have limited space at GAA, the following changes will occur to allow for physical distancing as much as possible 

● All desks in the classrooms must face the same direction 

● If tables are being used no more than 2 students per table 

● Recess will be by individual classroom only 

○ Each class will have their own recess time to keep cross-contamination to a minimum as much as possible 

○ Prior to recess and immediately following all students must wash their hands, or use hand sanitizer 

● Students grades K through 5th grade will not be allowed to move between classrooms for specific courses (Math, reading, etc.) 

● Restroom use will be scheduled for grades 3-5 and 6-8 to help control the number of students in the restrooms at one time 

○ Physical barriers will be installed between sinks in restrooms in the south building and gymnasium 


Classroom / Classes Changes 

● Mr. Eberhardt's classes will meet in the music room. They will share the space with Select Choir 

● Bells will meet in Mr. Eberhardt’s room (on the stage) 

● Piano lessons will meet in Mr. Eberhardt’s room 

● String lessons will meet in the After School Care area 

● Mr. Eddie’s Bible classes will meet in the gymnasium 

● Band will not begin, and will be re-evaluated at the semester break


Chapels / Week of Prayer 

● There will be split chapel and Week of Prayer programs

○ K-5 will meet from 8:15am - 9:00am 

○ 6-8 will meet from 9:15am - 10:00am 



● Full school choir will not meet. We will re-evaluate at the end of 1st semester

● Select Choir will meet, but must use social distancing guidelines (6’ minimum of separation between students at all times and they must wear face mask/shield)

● Select Bells will meet. They must meet social distancing guidelines (6’ minimum of separation, and a face mask/shield must be worn at all times) 

● Select will be open for grades 6-8 only 

○ We need to keep cross contamination between classrooms to a minimum 



● If we transport students from the reservation, they must wear facemask/shield during the ride to and from school 

● The driver must wear a face mask 



● Only one class at a time may use the playground area. 

○ Each class will have scheduled times for recess 

■ The schedule must be adhered to 

● With any items that can be shared, the participants must wear PPE on their hands ○ Racquet games, frisbees, balls, etc.. 

● Face mask/shield will be required during recess 

● Tetherball is off limits until we re-evaluate at end of 1st semester 

Before School Care (BSC) 

This program is only for those parents who must go to work. It cannot be used as a play time before school. 

● All students using BSC must sign up for the program during orientation night ● Parents will not be allowed to enter the before school care area 

● All students not in BSC, arriving before 7:50AM must stay with their parents in their cars until the gates are open for the school day 

● There will be no playing or general activities during this time 

○ Students will be assigned an area according to their classroom, and that is where they will stay 

○ All participants will be required to wear a face mask/shield (no exceptions) ● Until further notice, BSC will be in the Courtyard area (if weather is a problem it will be moved into the gymnasium) 


After School Care (ASC) 

● All participants must sign up for this program during orientation night 

○ Until further notice ASC will be in the courtyard of the school

○ If weather is an issue, ASC will be in the gymnasium 

● Parents will not be allowed to enter the ASC area 

● Each child will be signed out at the gate/door 

● Each child will be required to wear face mask/shield at all times 

● All students will be kept in their own classroom units during this time 

○ Students will change planned activities only by classroom units 

● All students will follow guidelines laid out by the school administration School Office 

● The school office is for school business only 

● There will be no “passing through” to the gymnasium or other parts of the campus

● No more than 2 persons will be allowed in the office at any time (others will be asked to wait outside patiently) 

○ You will be called in when it is your turn 

○ Appointments are suggested to eliminate long waiting periods 

● No one except school personnel are allowed behind the desk area without explicit directions by the front desk personnel (no exceptions) 



● All students will be signed in due to being tardy at the entrance to the breezeway. ○ A designated school staff or volunteer will check the children in. 

○ Parents will not be allowed to enter the school grounds at this time 


School Grounds 

● Parents will not be allowed on school grounds during the day; exceptions are drop-off and pick-up. Parents will not be allowed on campus unless they are wearing a face mask/shield. 

● Any special occasion, birthdays, etc. must be cleared by the main office and placed on the calendar. PPE must be worn at all times 

● During morning drop off, parents will not be allowed in the classrooms and must leave campus immediately. 

● During afternoon pickup, parents will not be allowed in the classrooms and must leave campus immediately. 

● Parents visiting chapel or special assemblies must make arrangements with the front office and are required to wear face mask/shield while present, and sit in a designated area 


Field Trips 

● All field trips must be virtual 

● 8th grade class trip will be determined at a later date 

● Select local performances and spring CA tour will be determined at a later date


All School Performance (Glenview Sabbaths/Christmas/Spring )

● We will re-evaluate as we get closer to these programs 


Fall Fest / Thanksgiving Meal (Soup Supper) 

● A decision will be made concerning these programs at a later date. 



● All fundraising activities that will put our students at risk of exposure (door to door, or face to face) will not take place at this time 

● 8th grade fundraising, jeans $ and store (must happen in parking lot) will be allowed to continue at this time 

● All school fundraising will either be online or through family contacts only 


Cleaning and Sanitizing 

● Each classroom will be thoroughly cleaned and sanitized each day 

● Restrooms will be thoroughly cleaned and sanitized each day 

● Playground equipment will be cleaned and sanitized after each use 

● Playground structures will be cleaned on a regular basis (minimum monthly)

● A professional, licensed sanitizing company will sanitize school areas if we have a quarantine situation 

● Classes will wipe down their desk and chairs, doorknobs, crash bars, etc. under teacher supervision a minimum of 2 times per day (Suggested before lunch and before dismissal). Students must wear gloves while using the sanitizing wipes.

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