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  • Are GAA teachers certified?
    Yes, all teachers are certified. Teachers are required to maintain their certification through continuing education and professional development.
  • Do you offer "After School Care?""
    Yes, "AfterCare" is avaible for parents who have to work past our normal school hours. AfterCare begins at 3:30PM Monday Through Thursday and Fridays at 12:30PM. The cost of $5 an hour will be added to your parent Jupiter account every day. For furthur questions call us at (623) 931-1846.
  • Do you offer "Before School Care?""
    Yes, but it is only avaible for parents that are required to be at work before our normal school hours. "BeforeCare" starts at 7AM and is no cost. If you have any questions about our "BeforeCare" program you can call us at (623) 931-1846.
  • Do you provide lunch?
    At this time we do not provide lunch. All students must bring thier own lunch. Each classroom is equiped with it's own fridge and microwave.
  • Do you require students to wear uniforms?
    Yes, we sell our uniform polo shirts for $15 each. These polos can only be purchased in the school office. Students bottoms need to be khaki-colored uniform-style pants, shorts, or skirts. All students must wear closed-toed shoes. During colder months, Students are required to wear a Glenview Hoodie which can only be purchased in the school office. If the hoodie is still not warm enough kids are allowed to wear a jacket over the hoodie with no logos on it.
  • How can I learn more about the school?
    You can either check out our "About" page or call us at (623) 931-1846.
  • How do I make an appointment to speak/meet with the principal?
    You may call the school office at (623) 931-1846 and set up an appointment with the Administrative Assistant. You can message the principal through the Jupiter Portal.
  • How do I make an appointment to speak/meet with my student's teacher?
    Each teacher can be reached for an appointment through their email. This can be accessed through the Jupiter portal or under "Meet Our Staff."
  • Is GAA an accredited school?
    Yes, GAA is accredited through the Accrediting Association of SDA Schools, colleges, and universities, and by the National council of Private Schools. Both organizations are approved asaccrediting organizations of the State of Arizona.
  • What are your school office hours?
    Monday-Thursday: 8 AM - 3:00 PM Friday: 8:00 AM - 12:00 PM Saturday & Sunday: Closed Summer hours may vary, summer hours usually begin in June. Please call before to assure that someone will be here to better assist you.
  • Where can I find a copy of the Student Handbook?
    You can find a copy of our Student Handbook here.
  • What is Jupiter?
    Jupiter is a tool for parents, students, teachers ,and staff to better communicate. Jupiter has multiple uses and some uses are as follow; It can show grades, missing homework, billing, school calendar, teacher and staff messaging and more. This tool will be availabe when you register your student(s) at GAA.
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  • Do you offer scholarships?
    At GAA, we work with outside scholarships. Our most popular scholarship is called "AAA." If you have any further questions you can call us at (623) 931-1846.
  • How can I finacially support the school without making a direct donation?
    Check out "More Ways To Support" on our "Giving" page.
  • How can I get Arizona Tax Credit for my donation?
    Follow this link to get more infromation about AZ Tax Credit.
  • How much is tuition?
    Click here to see the cost of tuition.
  • What if I'm able to afford tuition or need finacial assistance/arrangement to keep my student in school?
    All financial assistance is handled by the principal. Just call the office at (623) 931-1846 to make an appointment and the principal will assist you.
  • When is tuition due?
    Tuition is due the 15th of every month. You can pay via credit or debit card through your Jupiter portal or by cash or check at school office.
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